Would Herd invest in just some of my releases, or all of them?

We'll work with you determine what selection of releases would provide the best opportunity for investment.

Do I get control over how the funding is spent?

Yes, all advances are paid directly to artists in full. Payments are made through PayPal or bank transfer. 

What do I need to qualify?

To qualify, we target that artists generate an average of about 20,000 paid streams a month, or $100 USD in royalties.

Do you pitch to DSPs to get my music on playlists?

No, we do not guarantee any marketing support as part of Launch or Fuel.  

How much funding does Herd offer?

Herd provides advances that range about one to two years of projected earnings.

If I sign up for Fuel, does that mean I need to distribute through you as well?

Herd generally requires that releases are distributed through our distribution platform, Launch. For Fuel clients, custom pricing is available.