Fuel by Herd

Investing in high growth music artists

Herd is investing in royalties for select artists with traction on music streaming services.

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Funding designed for the modern music industry

Streaming only

Herd doesn't take any share of touring or merch

No claim on future releases

Maintain full control over release dates and creative decisions

Simple deal structures

Our deals are straight-forward and flexible

Deal Structure

Our deals our designed to provide artists with sufficient funding without limiting creative or business flexibility.


Advances are typically 1-2 years of projected earnings

Deal Fee

Herd retains streaming revenues on invested works until it earns back the Advance plus a Deal Fee

Featured Clients

"Herd has been a great opportunity and experience for me. They helped fund videos and ads for my music. The contracts are very fair and short term and the communication and help were always available when I needed it. Thanks so much Herd!"

- Carlton Carvalho (Atlanta, GA)

"Herd's support has helped me stay focused on creating and pushing my music further. We are very excited to continue building with them!"

- Freshie (Cleveland, OH)

"Working with Herd has been a blast! They’ve given me the opportunity and freedom I need to pursue music on my terms and with a great team behind me. Herd’s gone above and beyond!"

- Jayn (Seattle, WA)

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